Empowering you to thrive.

Well-being is more than the absence of discomfort & disease; it’s a state of thriving.

We help you thrive in body, mind, and heart.


 Acupuncture Clinic
Serving the Denver Area

We are an acupuncture and herbal medicine practice near Denver, Colorado that treats a variety of conditions including fatigue, pain, stress, anxiety, infertility, and women’s health issues.

We offer acupuncture, herbal medicine, and a holistic approach to healthcare that resolves symptoms by treating the whole person.

We believe that each health challenge is unique and may be best addressed by a tailored combination of holistic medicine, lifestyle modification, and, at times, western medical treatment. We are honored to be a part of your healthcare team and to contribute to a wellness plan that meets your individual needs.

Our mission is to provide safe, effective healthcare that enables you to thrive in body, mind, and heart.

Our vision is a community full of people who are thriving and inspired to take steps to help their families, their communities, and the earth thrive too.


Your First Visit

At your initial visit, you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment goals, share pertinent details about your current health and medical history, and receive an acupuncture treatment.

We will explain our recommended course of treatment, with the end goal always being to alleviate your symptoms and empower your body to maintain the progress we have made through treatment.

You can expect to leave your acupuncture session feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Thanks for choosing Seven Seeds Acupuncture. It is an honor to assist you in reaching your healthcare goals.



Dear Julie,

I wanted to tell you that I have zero sciatic pain. Zero. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have it—this is amazing. NO PAIN, I hardly know what to do with myself.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Beth P.
I highly recommend acupuncture. I went to Julie and she was kind, professional, and caring. I started this year seeking greater personal health and greater self care.

Since starting acupuncture I have seen and felt the differences. My skin is clearer, my back pain better, and my anxiety less. I have recommended it to all my friends and family.
— Jackie F.